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The Firebelly Social Show

May 28, 2021

Dr. Joseph Fisher is the inventor of SOBAR and the President of Zeno Functional Foods, located in California. He was trained as a medical scientist and received his bachelor’s and master’s in chemistry from Stanford before obtaining his MD and Ph.D. from Stanford Medical School as part of the prestigious medical scientist training program. 

After doing a postdoctoral fellowship at the UCSF Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dr. Fisher worked in the biopharmaceutical industry in research, business development, and strategic consulting for over 20 years. 

In starting Zeno, Dr. Fisher raised the bar higher by creating unique foods that can improve an individual's well-being and lifestyle — the SOBAR. The SOBAR is a unique protein bar that is the world's first food specifically designed to reduce alcohol absorption. Dr. Fisher is also a member of the Institute of Food Technologies.

In this episode…

It’s excellent advice to ‘eat before you drink.’ But what happens if you’re in a situation where food may not be available? We are all likely to face those circumstances at some point, but if you drink on an empty stomach, you stand the risk of absorbing a lot of alcohol into your bloodstream. 

Unfortunately, even when you eat a full meal, it can slow the rate you absorb alcohol by only about 10%. But not much is known about the type of food you should eat — until now. Thanks to SOBAR by Dr. Joseph Fisher, there’s a protein bar designed to reduce alcohol absorption two times more than a complete meal can. So what’s the science behind SOBAR, and why should you care? 

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Dr. Joseph Fisher, President of Zeno Functional Foods, about the invention of SOBAR, a protein bar that reduces alcohol absorption. They discuss the idea and science behind the product, the role of social media in bringing it to market, and more.