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The Firebelly Social Show

May 21, 2021

Rachel Klein is the Owner of Revival Food Co., a food brand known for its craft flavors and stone-ground texture almond butter. She founded the company in 2014 after reviving her passion for a holistic, clean, plant-based lifestyle. Rachel’s vision for Revival Food Co. is to inspire others to eat more wholesome foods on a daily basis and to encourage a lifestyle that doesn’t put pressure on being skinnier, stronger, or something different than who you already are.

Before turning her almond butter creation into a career, Rachel was a contemporary dancer, pilates and yoga instructor, massage therapist, and she had a serious hobby of making weird and healthy foods in the kitchen.

In this episode…

Imagine walking down the butter aisle of your local store. You stand there and stare at a wall of nut butter brands that all look alike and promise the same things — and you’re not sure which to buy. Indeed, they’re all trying to be the better version of peanut butter.

What if you could skip all of that and opt straight for a healthy alternative that is even tastier? Thanks to Rachel Klein, you can now enjoy the damn best almond butter! But that has not come without the handmade hustle of a mom of three. Why has she decided to travel the lonely road of entrepreneurship, and how is she transforming the super-competitive food category? 

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Rachel Klein, Founder of Revival Food Co., about the origin of the Revival almond butter, what’s unique about the almonds, and how she uses social media to grow her brand. Plus, Rachel shares the challenges she faces as a woman CEO and how she’s overcoming these obstacles.