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The Firebelly Social Show

Jun 4, 2021

Drew Hendricks is the President of Barrels Ahead. This wine and craft marketing agency propels organic growth by using a powerful combination of content development, Search Engine Optimization, and paid search. Drew also interviews top leaders in the wine and craft beverage industry on his podcast, Legends Behind the Craft.

Drew has been a leading light in the wine industry. He spent 10 years as a wine buyer for one of the largest wine stores in San Francisco after graduating with a degree in philosophy and ancient Greek. He later founded Nimbletoad to empower companies to do business online before starting Barrels Ahead.

In this episode…

The right content at the right time can be the start of brand affinity, conversations that create credibility, and, ultimately, B2B sales. Unfortunately, many B2B companies struggle to align their business with their social media presence. As a result, many wine suppliers miss out on the colossal opportunities online. 

To leverage these opportunities, it takes smart social media marketing to share your brand’s story and connect with your customers. So, you may be asking, ‘what type of content should we be creating, and how should we distribute it? We already do LinkedIn — isn’t that enough for B2B?’ 

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Drew Hendricks, President of Barrels Ahead, about smart social media marketing for wine suppliers. They discuss how wine suppliers use social media, the business case for B2B social media marketing, and making your social presence fit your business.