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The Firebelly Social Show

May 14, 2021

Duncan Alney is the President and Founder of Firebelly Marketing, an award-winning Social Media Marketing firm that increases brand likability through social media marketing. Duncan has worked in marketing for 25 years and brings his expertise in engaging with clients and rebuilding brands to each project. He has worked with Netflix, Fiji Water, and so many more.

In this episode…

What’s the big business goal that’s been keeping you up at night? Maybe it’s been on your mind so much you’re beginning to doubt that you can crush it. Well, here’s some good news: yes, you can! But it requires having some fire in your belly.  

Focus. Integrity. Reliability. Excellence. Those are the fire values driving Duncan Alney and his team at Firebelly Marketing, who help brands become more likable and profitable via social media. Do you want that fire in your belly, too? 

On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney talks with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, Co-founder of Rise25, about the origin of ‘fire belly’ and why it matters, what the fire represents, and how the Firebelly Marketing team have been using it to generate ROI for brands through social media marketing. Plus, Duncan shares how you can achieve your business goals through the F.I.R.E. values.